Duster cardigans for fall

Duster cardigans have always been a part of the fall wardrobe. The main reason is that duster length cardigans can be very useful in chilly fall mornings and late evenings. They keep the body warm while looking elegant and a bit edgy. Not to mention that when you combine a warm duster length cardigan with ankle boots and a fringe handbag, you get a complete hip trendy outfit perfect for any situation, occasion and location.

Duster cardigan fall outfit

  1. Women’s Jacquard Duster Cardigan. View Here
  2.  Women’s black leather ankle booties with a buckle and low heel
  3. Black leather clutch with a fringe.
  4. Black ponte slim pants or lack leggings
  5. Edgy chic jewelry to match the duster length outfit.

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