Faux Suede Jacket Skirt Suit For The Work

faux suede jacket
faux suede jacket skirt suit

Here is one suggestion for business casual outfit that comes in women plus sizes. I picked a faux suede jacket skirt suit to illustrate how easy is to look elegant in a moto jacket.

Suede is a soft and durable material. Since it soft, breathable, and stretchy, faux suede is great to feel close to the skin. It hugs the body without restricting body movement. Suede drapes beautifully and foil front looks great. Pair the jacket with a skinny jeans, skirt, or dress, or just about any bottom in your wardrobe, preferably grey or something that will complement the color. Here is a all-grey outfit, simple and classic way to wear your faux suede grey moto jacket in the office.

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